Net Leadership Score™

We’ve learned that people’s work experience is highly dependent on the quality of their relationship with their manager. Some people love their job but still want to quit. Others dislike the company but the manager created space for them to thrive. We designed 5 questions that focus on an individual manager’s the leadership and empathy abilities so you can quickly identify culture builders and culture detractors. It produces a clear metric of manager’s performance through their team members’ eyes.

The following questions are administered to each team member who reports to any given manager. The Net Leadership Score™ is calculated by subtracting the percentage of total negative scores from the percentage of total positive scores. This highlights how effectively a manager is connecting with and leading their reports. (In addition, the manager can respond to the survey self-referentially. A smaller delta between the manager’s score and the Net Leadership Score™ indicates higher levels of self-awareness in the manager.)


Overall, how would your rate your boss’ ability to do their job?

I feel that my boss __ cares about my success and well being
-Doesn’t really

My boss __ disagreement on work related matters.

Given the right opportunity, I would __ work with them again.
-Probably not

I feel I could __ recommend then to others.
-Probably not

This tool was designed in collaboration with Lafitte Coaching.